Anchovy toast
Christmas cake (SITV 21)
Clotted cream (SITV 16)
Coberg bread (SITV 16)
Crumpets (SITV 21)
Dripping toast (sitv 23)
Mustard (VD Aug)
Ryvita (VD Aug)
Sugar mice (SITV 19)

Cowslip Wine (SITV C5)
Dandelion Wine (SITV C5)
Lemonade (VD Dec)
Lemon Squash (SITV C8)
Plum wine (SITV 21)
Porter (SITV 18)

Haricot mutton
Lemon Curd
Marrow Jam (VD Sept)
Sloe Gin (VD Nov)
Welsh Rarebit (VD Oct)

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