Baker, Gerard
Bannister (VD Nov)
barmaid at 'The Bell' (SITV C10)
Bates, George (SITV 18)
Bates, Mrs (VD Feb)
Bennet, Alice
Bennett, Jim
Bert (SITV 13)
Beverley, Andrew (VD Aug)
Billy (SITV C3)
Bond, Mrs (VD Aug)
Bradley, Basil
Bradley, Adelaide
Bryant, Amos ('Axe') (VS 19)
Bryant, Ezekiel (VS 19)
Bryant, Gideon
Bryant, Jim (VS 21)
Bryant, Malachi (VS 19)
Bryant, Mrs
Bunce, Edward
Bunce, Miss
Burnaby, Sgt
Burnett, Lady Emily (VD Aug)
Burton, Alan (VS 20)
Burton, Eileen
Burton, John


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